Effective Damp Coursing and Treatments in Borehamwood covering North London and Hertfordshire

Does your property have a rising damp problem? When you call DPF Plastering & Damp Proofing in North London and Hertfordshire, I will provide professional advice and services, including damp coursing and treatments, to protect your home or small commercial premises against any further damage. Get in touch today to speak with an experienced plasterer.

What Is Rising Damp?

Rising damp is often caused by the old-style damp course failing, which enables moisture to spread through the wall like a sponge. Other causes include patios being laid higher than the damp course, uninsulated walls in old buildings, and plants or banks of garden growing up against the wall of your property.

The tell-tale signs of rising damp include:

Rising Damp Treatment - What Is Rising Damp?

  • Walls Are Wet and Discoloured at Base

  • Skirting Boards Are Rotting from Constant Damp

  • Mouldy Smells

  • Paint Bubbling or Paper Coming away from Wall

Effective Solutions

Using a small snake-like camera, I will identify the extent and the cause of your damp problem and provide excellent services and recommendations to solve the problem. Whether it’s a new damp course or another treatment, my advice will keep your property safe from further issues. Contact me today to get started.

Need to Protect Your Property?

As an expert in damp coursing and treatments, I provide prompt and professional solutions for rising damp problems.