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Tired of patchy walls and ceilings? Call on DPF Plastering & Damp Proofing for plaster repairs and skimming from a skilled and experienced plasterer. Based in North London and Hertfordshire, I specialise in identifying problems and providing the best possible solution for your needs. Get in touch today to find out more.

What Is Skimming?

Skimming involves applying a 3mm coat of fine plaster to a rough, uneven surface, creating a smooth and uniform finish ready for painting or wallpapering. This is the best solution for patchy old walls and ceilings, providing a far superior surface. Please note that plaster should be left to dry out or cure for 7 – 14 days before decorating and up to 26 weeks where damp work is entailed.

Repairing and Preventing Cracks

In my experience, I have found plasterboard is the least likely to crack, provided the joints are prepped and scrimmed properly before skimming. When you skim over old blown walls, there is a greater likelihood of hairline cracks appearing, which is why it is best to apply fibre mesh in a base coat and apply two coats of skim.

Although this is a more costly solution, it protects you against cracks with the natural movement of your building over time. The weaker the plaster mix, the more give there will be, which reduces the risk of cracks.

Blown Plaster

To check if you have blown plaster, knock on your wall and listen for a hollow sound. This signals that the plaster has come away from the substrate or brick/concrete wall but is wedged inside and may cause cracks if left unaddressed.

In some cases, this blown plaster can be removed easily, without resistance, but it’s best to strip back to the brick and fit plasterboard, instead of skimming over the old loose plaster. Contact me today for further details.

First-Class Skimming and Plastering

From basic plaster repairs to full plaster skimming, my services are ideal for you